Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Hope

Today is a historic day not just for America but also for the whole world. Hope and the expectations from the new President elect Barack Obama will be enormous. We all hope he will make the CHANGE happen by rescuing the American economy (along with the Global economy) and change the global political landscape by bringing in peace and stability instead of blind aggression and wars.

Three years (in 2005) back I was sitting with one of my close friend Buck Kulkarni, in starbucks (Edison, NJ) sipping a hot  cappuccino and discussing about political landscape of two great democracies - USA the oldest democracy and India the largest democracy. India was ruled by Dr. Manmohan Singh, a Sikh Prime Minister, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam a Muslim President, a Christian (Sonia Gandhi) ruling party leader and L K Advani a Hindu opposition leader. Where can you expect something like that? Will America ever elect a woman or an African American as president? And we thought its going to take another 50 years for something like that to happen. How wrong we were.

Fast forward to 2008 - We got an African American, born to Muslim-Christian parents, brought up in Indonesia and then by his white grandparents in Hawaii - Barack Hussein Obama, The President of United States of America.

This is the second instance, which strengthened my belief in democracy. First when the farmers from India voted Congress back to power in 2004 when BJP’s India Shining theme gone down with the winds.

These events brings back the most famous quote from Abraham Lincoln – that this (USA) nation, under God shall have a new birth of freedom -- that government
Of the people
By the people
For the people
shall not perish from the earth.


Barack Obama's Victory speech

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